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Guidance for Student Applicants

Please note: Student applicants will need to be a member of the IPC Education Foundation. Student Members form part of an IPC Student Run Chapter at a qualifying university or community/technical college.

If you have not yet joined the IPC Education Foundation, please click here

To become part of your established IPC Student Chapter at your university or college, view Chapter Listing hereIf your university or community/technical college is not listed and you are interested in setting up an IPC Student Chapter at your academic institution click here.  


Guidance for Educator Applicants

Please note: Educator Applicants will be notified by The IPC Education Foundation about available professional development and training scholarship opportunities and will be provided with a specific code to access the application site. 

An educator can only apply for an Educator Grant if a nomination has been received from a student in your classroom. To be nominated – a student needs to email: [email protected] with the following information:

  • First name, last name, email and phone number of the educator
  • Title/Role of educator
  • Reason for nomination in a short motivational statement (max 300 words)



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