Project Owl

For more Information about Project Owl and how to bring this exciting, hands-on learning experience to students in your community, contact Colette Buscemi, Sr. Director, IPC Education Foundation –

Project Owl is a hands-on learning and development kit designed to encourage middle school and high school students to pursue STEM majors and careers in engineering, taking  a cross-disciplinary approach by integrating Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

The intent of Project Owl is to provide a brief overview to engage and introduce students by incorporating both hardware and software-based concepts into one tool.

Exposing and engaging high school students to soldering, circuitry design and coding, and careers in electronics.

Acknowledgements of Sponsors, Partners and Donations

Eagle Circuits
Oregon Institute of Technology
Michigan Tech University
Calumet Electronics
PCB North Carolina
Kevin Pintong
STI Electronics


If you are interested in sponsoring, partnering or volunteering for Project Owl, please fill out the form below.

Project Owl Events

Meet with a Mentor Lunch
Industry Career Panel
IPC Industry Members
Engage IPC College Student Chapters

5 Workshops Held from September to December 2019 in select cities:

San Diego, CA

Chicago, IL 

Atlanta, GA

Raleigh, NC

Huntsville, AL

Project Owl at MTU

Take a look at one of our events at Michigan Technological University!

Project Owl Teachers Program


If you are interested in purchasing a Project Owl Teachers Program please contact

Learning Resource Guide + Assembly Instruction: 20+ page PDF learning and assembly guide

Industry Training Standards: Included in the purchase of the Project Owl Program, teachers receive two Desk Reference Manuals.

Introduction to Soldering: Online training video used by IPC industry members

IPC Certificate of Completion: Students will receive an IPC badge

Providing high school teachers the necessary tools, resources and materials: 

  • On-line: Teachers can access Project Owl learning guidebooks, training resources and materials through IPC’s learning management system. 
  • Kits: Teachers can order Project Owl Kits with step-by-step assembly instructions and learning objectives. 
  • Students earn an IPC Certificate of Completion



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