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The IPC Education Foundation provides scholarships that support skills pathways and prepare students to start a meaningful career in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry. Through a variety of scholarships and awards we wish to encourage, develop and reward students and educators.

The IPC Education Foundation has established different types of scholarship opportunities, uniquely tailored to meet each of the following audience’s needs:

  1. Student Scholarships
  2. Educator Grants
  3. Competition Related Scholarships and Awards



The IPC Scholarship Program will have opportunities on a rolling-basis, throughout the academic year on an annual basis. Please consider checking in on a regular basis.  

Application deadlines and criteria will vary depending on the type of IPC Scholarship therefore, please pay close attention to individual deadlines and requirements.

IPC Student Members have access to a wide range of scholarships and awards. If you have not yet joined the IPC Education Foundation – Please click here for more information.

  • The IPC Education Foundation aims to provide at least 50 deserving IPC Student Chapter student members with a $1,000 scholarship per year. These scholarships will be made available to student members associated with an IPC Student Chapter. Student members need to log in to access the scholarships and apply online.
  • The IPC Education Foundation will notify eligible educators who got nominated by their students about available opportunities and will provide applicants with a specific code to access the application site.
  • To access the scholarships, students and educators need to be logged in to gain access to the full scholarship listings. 


IPC Student Member Scholarship – 2019 Winners

The IPC Education Foundation awarded $23,000 in scholarships to IPC Student Members. The scholarship recipients are members at the following IPC Student Chapters: Auburn University, Colorado School of Mines, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Utah, University of Maryland - Eastern Shore, University of Maryland, Binghamton University, Michigan Tech, University of Utah, Valparaiso University, University of California, San Diego, Triton College, American River College, Sacramento State University, Oregon Institute of Technology. Each IPC Student Member receives $1,000 designed not only to reduce the financial burden, but also to encourage students to enhance their knowledge and skills of real-word industry-related experiences.  

We wish to congratulate our deserving IPC Students Members!

Aaron Filip

Anna Browne

Billy (William) Welch

Brandon Williams

Chase Deluca

Clayton Oehrlein

Fernando Galvez

Henry Crandall

Jacob Leazott

Joe Leveille

Deepak Bondre

Erkan Susuz

Mohamed El Amine Belhadi

Mohammed Abueed

Nick Foray

Nyshaun Greene

Princess Zamani

Raviteja Boyana

Roman Dolinski

Shelby Brewington

Spencer Chang

Teigan Browne


Click on any of these students to learn more!

IPC Michael V. Carano Teacher Excellence Award

The IPC Education Foundation recognizes educators and instructors who enrich the lives of students interested in a career path in the electronics industry. The IPC Michael Carano Teacher Excellence Award of $1,000 was awarded to Dr. Sa'd Hamasha: Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University and Research Leader, NSF Center for Advanced Vehicle and Extreme Environment Electronics.  Dr. Hamasha is also serving the IPC Student Chapter as Chapter Advisor at Auburn University. Click here to learn more.

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