Electronics Terminology Guide

This 16-page booklet explains the basics of electronics terminology. This resource helps students identify components, understand polarity, value, tolerances, and explains the differences between through-hole and surface-mount components.

Don't miss out on this simple reference tool for learning the terminology of electronics design and manufacturing!

Download our Terminology Guide!


Che N.

Teacher at Otay Ranch High School

"We look forward to continue working with IPC and professionals in the industry to provide exposure to our students so they have a better understanding of the career path."

Bob O. 

Teacher at San Marcos High School 

"I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes electronical engineering or electronics in general."

Katie C.

Teacher Mission Hills High School 

"We are grateful for the resources, events, and supports that IPC Educational Foundation has provided for students and educators, as we prepare them for a future in electronics."