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The IPC Education Foundation provides scholarships and awards that support skills pathways and prepare students to start a meaningful career in the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry. Through a variety of scholarships and awards we wish to encourage, develop and reward students and educators.

The IPC Education Foundation has established different types of scholarship and award opportunities, uniquely tailored to meet each of the following audience’s needs:

  1. Student Scholarships
  2. Educator Award
  3. Leadership Awards
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2022 Winners

IPCEF will be awarding $40,000 in scholarships and awards in 2022. $25,000 are awarded to IPC Student Members for their accomplishments at the following IPC Student Chapters: Auburn University, Kirkwood Community College, Texas Tech, Triton College, UC Irvine, University of New Orleans, and Valparaiso University.

21 IPC Student Member Scholarship winners each received $1,000 and 2 received $2,000 designed not only to reduce the financial burden, but also to encourage students to enhance their knowledge and skills of real-word industry-related experiences.

6 IPC Student Members received $1,000 and are awarded to recognize students’ leadership capabilities, the impact they had while serving, and ability to plan and/or host successful engagement initiatives for its chapter members.

The $1,000 Michael Carano Teacher Excellence Award goes to Sitao Huang - Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California Irvine and Advisor to the UC, Irvine IPC Student Chapter.

IPC will also be awarding $1,000 scholarships to 8 participating high schools attending the IPC APEX STEM Outreach Event 2023.

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International Design Competition 2022 Winners

The IPC Education Foundation, Upverter Education, a division of Altium, and Arduino partnered to create the second annual student design competition to engage, educate, and enhance students’ proficiencies in PCB design, with a focus on solving some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

College and University Category

1st Place ($1500) - The Riverist from Indonesia

"#PCBeTheChange 2022 has been a wonderful opportunity for us to present our solution and interact with the representatives from IPC Education Foundation, Altium, and Arduino. As engineering students, we have gained valuable insights into how we can contribute to society by exploring environmental issues and applying our skills in developing solutions. And by using Upverter, we were able to create a PCB design that meets the requirements of our solution. Winning first place means that our PCB will be manufactured for us and we can’t wait to start developing our first prototype!" – The Riverist Team

2nd Place ($750) - Water Warriors from Malaysia

"First of all, we're pleased to hear that we were awarded as Second Place in this international-level competition. As a resident of Selangor, Malaysia, it is heartbreaking seeing the tremendous damage caused by the floods and the water pollution to the people. It is indeed our pleasure to apply our knowledge in electronics to come up with a solution to contribute to the community. Besides, we would like to express our appreciation to Upverter Education for giving us the opportunity to present our solution, as well as giving suggestions on improving our PCB design. We hope that our solution could not only be beneficial to Selangor, but also other nations around the world that are facing the similar issues." – Water Warriors Team

3rd Place ($500) - TEAM SPARKZ from India

 “We thank Altium, Arduino, and IPC Education Foundation for conducting
PCBeTheChange, an international student design competition. We are grateful to Upverter education and our faculties, who thought us a lot while building the project. We are honored to be one of the winners of this competition. It was a great experience for our team, which motivated us to develop our project and made us learn new things. We want to thank our College management, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India, for the continuous encouragement and support. This competition and winning in this event made us realize hard work never fails.” – Team Sparkz

High School Category

1st Place ($1500) - Francis Parker Engineering from San Diego, USA AND The Zebracorns at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina, USA

"Winning the contest has inspired us to think further about significant solutions for the drought in California, and has encouraged us to continue to pursue our interest in engineering. Now, we get the opportunity to implement our designed board and monitoring system in our school’s volunteer garden. Hopefully, our idea proves successful, allowing us to promote change on a greater scale” – Francis Parker Engineering Team

"We are thrilled to win the #PCBeTheChange competition back-to-back. With a different team and inexperienced members, we were able to overcome those challenges and produce an excellent product. We are proud that our solution has been recognized for its feasibility as a solution in our communities. We went through many iterations and encountered problems, but through guidance and perseverance, we were able to succeed. Winning this competition affirms our belief that young innovators and enthusiasts can use an interdisciplinary approach to solve critical issues in local communities.” - The Zebracorns (Tanav, Diya, Linden, Cameron, Aryan, Osman)

2nd Place ($750) – The MindStormers from San Diego, USA

"Winning this competition means a lot to all of us. We spent a lot of time ensuring our entry into this competition was the best it could possibly be. As we spent time researching and designing our shield board, we learned a lot more about algae blooms (our initial problem), and about the Arduino Portenta itself. It is with this knowledge that we were able to place second, and we hope the ideas behind our board can help our local environment.” – The MindStormers Team

3rd Place ($500) – Daedalus from Escondido, USA

“We are honored to have won third place in the PCBeTheChange Competition. We worked diligently on our design and are thankful for your generous award. Your support towards Team Daedalus is greatly appreciated. The award will be used towards building our robot and fueling the passion of young engineers.” – Team Daedalus

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