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How to Start a Chapter

Want to start an IPC Student Chapter at your school?

Step 1:

  • Gain commitment from a Staff or Faculty member to serve as Advisor
  • Nominate officers - President, Vice President, Secretary

Step 2:

  • Advisor submits Student Chapter Application
  • 10-day review period
  • Receive approval notification for Student Chapter

Step 3:

  • Recruit additional student members
  • Student members register on website and make $40.00 individual payment
  • Members receive exclusive access to and

Step 4:

  • IPC HQ sends Chapter Guidebook including Bylaws, Constitution, Responsibilities and an overview of the Chapter Program
  • Within 2-4 weeks, IPC HQ will conduct an on campus or virtual onboarding with the advisor, officers, and chapter members to review Chapter Guidebook and create local plan to connect with IPC Industry Members
  • Student Chapter will apply for Recognized Student Organization Status with institution

Want to start an IPC Student Chapter at your school?

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