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For Students


The IPC Education Foundation seeks to award many scholarships to eligible applicants and focused on students who are interested in pursuing a career in the electronics supply chain and manufacturing industry. Learn more here

STEM Partners

The IPC Education Foundation has partnered with many STEM Competition organizations to provide students the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and technical capabilities to compete in national and international competitions. Learn more about our partners here.

IPC Chapters

University and Community College students need connections to their future employers. The IPC Education Foundation is the bridge between local IPC members and IPC Student Chapters. Students get the opportunity to network and IPC members get access to new talent. IPC Student Chapters hold lectures with industry experts, visit state of the art manufacturing facilities, and connect what they are learning with the processes at work in the real world. Learn more here

Industry Credentials

More than 300,000 individuals at thousands of companies worldwide have earned IPC certification. Now it’s your turn! For more information, including detailed course information, schedules and course fees, please visit ipc.org.

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For Educators

STEM Grants

School districts that are part of the IPC Education Foundation community are encouraged to submit proposals for funding from our grant programs.

These grant programs are made possible by the generous support of IPC members and are meant to engage student interest in the electronics supply chain and manufacturing industry. Learn more here.


The IPC Education Foundation works closely with IPC and IPC members to provide access to education resources for STEM educators and students. To download a FREE Terminology Guide – Please click hereThe IPC EDGE learning platform provides instruction for skills such as soldering, wire crimping, electro-static discharge, and the fundamentals of safety when working with electronics.


Programs & Projects

Hands-on Soldering Activities

The IPCEF developed a hands-on learning and development pin designed to encourage middle school and high school students to pursue STEM majors and careers in engineering, taking  a cross-disciplinary approach by integrating Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. For more information click here.

 IPC Emerging Engineer Program

IPC launched the Emerging Engineer program in 2016 to provide professionals early in their careers an opportunity to learn from the dedicated industry volunteers who participate in standards development.  Through this sharing, our valued leaders will mentor IPC Emerging Engineers and provide them with the tools they need to continue standards development for many years to come. For more information click here.

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