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Membership Overview

As an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled at a recognized academic institution and pursuing a degree or qualification relating to the electronics manufacturing industry, you are eligible for membership in an IPC Student Chapter.

IPC Education Foundation Student Memberships are renewed every 12 months and include a concurrent, complimentary membership with

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Membership Benefits

  • Education and Technical Resources
    • Access to online courses on electronics on and
    • Access to two (2) IPC Standards documents, the electronics-industry-adopted standards for design, PCB manufacturing, and electronic assembly. Note, free access to the Standards section of the IPC Education Foundation website expires after 12 months.
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  • Scholarships 
    • The IPC Education Foundation aims to provide at least one $1,000 scholarship per year per IPC Student Chapter. These scholarships will be made available to student members associated with an IPC Student Chapter. More information will be made available soon.
    • Exclusive access to apply for other IPC Education Foundation leadership and academic scholarships.
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  • Special Programs
    • Emerging Engineer: Eligible to apply for IPC APEX’s “Emerging Engineer” Program which provides a three-year, all-access registration to IPC APEX EXPO, mentorship, and significant exposure at IPC Meetings and Technical Conferences. Learn more here.
    • Standards Development: Eligible to participate on standards development committees with industry leaders.
    • IPC Board of Directors Student Member Liaison: IPC Student Members elect one representative to serve as a voting member of the IPC Board of Directors. The elected student member serves a one-year term which may be extended to a two-year term by the IPC Board of Directors.
  • Leadership Development
    • Serve as a Chapter Officer on the Chapter Executive Committee of local IPC Student Chapter.
    • Exclusive scholarships and awards are available to IPC Student Chapter leadership after serving for a 12-month term
  • Networking and Connections
    • All IPC Student Chapters will coordinate quarterly activities with IPC Industry Member Partners to host facility tours and other learning opportunities to gain insights and best practices form industry leaders, mentors and subject matter experts.
    • Participate in a network with like-minded students and other local and international IPC Student Chapters.
  • Career Advancement
    • Connect and engage with IPC industry member companies to gain exposure and potential access to career opportunities in the electronics industry.  Career board “Coming Soon”
  • Projects
    • Students participate in projects hosted by IPCEF, IPC, their campus, community, and more in robotics, soldering, design and other skill-building opportunities. Courses

This course will cover the history of the electronics industry and IPC including how IPC standards have helped improve the industry.

This course is the basic primer for hand soldering learning. Contents include how to use both lead free and leaded solders. Students are introduced to proper workstation practices, personal safety considerations, ESD prevention.

This course introduces the complexities of hardware buildup.

This course provides a solid visual introduction to the wire harness manufacturing process, critical to every electronic assembly.

The course identifies all of the important through-hole and surface mount component types and package styles for various components.

The terminology training for electronics assembly course will provide users with the critical English terminology used throughout the electronics assembly industry worldwide.

This course provides a basic introduction to electronics assembly.

Improve your understanding of how to read component color codes and reduce production errors.

This course will focus on the requirements for surface mount solder joint criteria for class 3 as outlined in IPC-A-610F.

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