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September 17th 2020

Date and Time: Thursday, Sep 17th at 1:00 PM EDT

Topic: Navigating IPC Standards

Presenters: John Perry, Director, Printed Board Standards & Technology - IPC

Description: As an accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO) since 1957, IPC maintains over 125 active standards for the design, fabrication, assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. Wait, did you say over 125?!? Good grief, as an engineering student, how do I figure out which IPC standard or group of IPC standards would be applicable to my engineering discipline(s)?  As a materials, electrical, chemical, mechanical or aerospace engineer, what IPC standards are of interest to me and ones that I am likely to be using in both college and ultimately the workforce?  What kind of path exists to become involved in the maintenance and reshaping of IPC standards for future revisions as technology advances?  This webinar will introduce you to the vast array of IPC standards and provide the means to determine which standards will be important to you as both an aspiring student and a career engineer within the electronics manufacturing industry.

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September 24th 2020

Date: Thursday, September 24th

Time: 6:30pm ET

Topic: How to Land Your Dream Role Using LinkedIn

Presenter: Sonia Begum, LinkedIn Branding Coach 

Description: Have you ever wondered how do people keep landing jobs without applying on LinkedIn? In this webinar, you'll learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to get recruiters/hiring managers to notice you and build a personal brand that drives awareness and authority. Sonia has worked with clients across the globe ranging from students to CEOs to help them develop their brand on LinkedIn. Join this webinar to learn how to maximize your LinkedIn profile. 

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October 2020

Date: Wednesday, October 14th 2020

Topic: The Value of IPC Certifications

Presenters: Joe Williams, Director of Certification at IPC

Description: Entering the workforce can leave people feeling unprepared.  Certification can play a vital role in your future whether you are just beginning your career or spent decades perfecting your skills.  This webinar will give an overview of IPC’s Certification programs and the importance of Certification to the Electronics industry.  It will cover IPC’s most popular Certifications along with the right time to pursue Certification, how one begins the process, and the potential benefits obtaining Certification would have on your career.

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December 2020

Date: Wednesday, December 2nd 2020

Topic: Intern to CEO: What your career might look like in the electronics manufacturing industry

Presenters: Paige Fiet, Process Engineering Intern; Kyle Hillstead, Process Engineer; Audra Thurston, Process Engineer; Meredith LaBeau, Director of Process Engineering; Todd Brassard, VP/COO; Steve Vairo CEO

Description: Your role as an engineer in the electronics industry sector will change with each promotion made. Responsibilities for an entry level engineer look different than responsibilities held by a vice president or senior manager. This webinar will discuss responsibilities of varying positions at an electronics manufacturer as well as what your career may look like in the electronics industry.


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Past Webinars


September 14th 2020

Topic: Electronics Industry Overview and Discussion

Presenters: Dr. John Mitchell – President and CEO of IPC

Host: The University of Utah IPC Student Chapter

Description: This webinar focused on how students can take advantage of the opportunities presented by IPC and its member companies, the direction of the industry, and how to build a career in electronics.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask Dr. Mitchell questions on careers, industry trends, technology, and other topics of interest!


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August 2020

Topic: Fundamentals of Conscientious Engineering

Presenters: Kelly Scanlon, Director of EHS Policy and Research

Description: Your role as an engineer in the electronics industry sector includes responsibilities for making informed decisions about the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of electronic components and products. Industrial practices are evolving to consider life cycle impacts from the use of energy and water, the carbon footprint of a product, circularization of goods, development and implementation of safer chemistries, and sustainability and societal impacts of products. This webinar will introduce you to the fundamental features of a conscientious engineer.

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July 2020

Topic: IPC Emerging Engineers Program

Presenters: Teresa Rowe, Sr Director, Assembly & Standards Technology - IPC

Panelists: Tayler Swanson, Engineer at Digital Instruments, and Arvind Karthikeyan, PhD Researcher at Auburn University

Description: This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the Emerging Engineer program! This program can assist you in taking the next step towards your career in the electronics manufacturing industry as you’ll learn from valuable industry experts and leaders who’ll mentor along the way. The program is currently accepting applications and there is only a limited number of university student positions available. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions to two Emerging Engineers during an open panel discussion.

Students can apply at form.jotform.com/201766479490163

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June 2020

Topic: IPC Student Member Scholarship Program

Presenter: Charlene Gunter du Plessis, Sr Director: IPC Education Foundation

Panelists: Mohamed el Amine (Wally) Belhadi, Anna Brown, Raviteja Boyana, Fernando Galvez

Description: During this webinar you will be guided through the online application process to apply for an IPC Student Member Scholarship. You will be able to review the eligibility requirements, prepare the necessary documentation in advance, identify areas for improvement, and select your recommenders. You can ask questions to a group of past scholarship winners to learn more.

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