2022 Recap of Accomplishments

The IPC Education Foundation had a successful 2022! We are proud of our progress towards our mission:  Develop a pipeline of new talent entering the electronics industry by creating AWARENESS of the careers the electronics manufacturing industry has to offer, and providing students ACCESS to knowledge, content and connections. You can also find a downloadable copy of the “Year in Review” here.

These are the top accomplishments we wish to highlight:


Awarded $53K in IPC Scholarships and Awards

Recognized 21 deserving IPC student members with an IPC Member Scholarship, awarded 6 IPC Student Leadership Awards to chapter leaders, granted 1 Michael Carano Teacher Excellence Awards, awarded 8 high schools attending IPC APEX EXPO STEM event in 2023 with $1,000 each, provided $10,000 toward the Emerging Engineer program, alongside $3K towards Design Competition: PCBeTheChange in partnership with Altium’s Upverter Education and Arduino. To read more about the various scholarship and award winners – Click here.


PCBeTheChange Design Competition

 The IPC Education Foundation, Upverter Education, a division of Altium, and Arduino are partnering again for the second annual student design competition to engage, educate, and enhance students' proficiencies in PCB design, with a focus on solving some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges. We showcased the winners of the high school and university/college categories at the IPC Design Booth on the IPC APEX EXPO Show floor whilst Altium representatives volunteered their time to educate students attending the IPC APEX EXPO STEM Outreach Program about PCB Design.


Connections with industry are key focus

We urge industry to connect with the IPC Education Foundation, because we are committed to attracting a new generation of prepared and productive talent. To do so, we need industry support by creating AWARENESS of the careers the electronics manufacturing industry has to offer, and providing students ACCESS to knowledge, content and connections. Help us provide opportunities for the emerging workforce

and close the electronics manufacturing skills gap through the following opportunities:

  • Host students at your facilities
  • Serve on a Career Paths Panel Discussion as panelist
  • Support through sponsorship that goes towards events or scholarships
  • Volunteer as mentor or instructor
  • Present an information webinar to share knowledge about industry careers and opportunities

If you are interested in any of above opportunities, please contact Wendy Gaston, Business Development Manager at [email protected]


Marketing – Awareness Creation to 236,000+ individuals

Creating awareness about the industry and sharing information about the careers our marketing efforts allowed us to reach more than 236,000 individuals, predominantly students and teachers across our marketing channels which include our website, social media platforms and a variety of articles and blog posts.  

We are making excellent strides and we look forward to making a difference by impacting more students and teachers’ lives in 2023. Please continue to visit our website at www.ipcef.org and social media platforms to stay up to date with our developments. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected].


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