Interview with Paige Fiet - IPC Board of Directors Student Member Liaison

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Charlene asked Paige what it means to serve on the IPC Board of Directors. Paige responded with “This is an honor for me to have been chosen and I feel like I will get invaluable experience and insight into the inner-workings of IPC!”.  She added: “I hope to convey the needs of the students to the Board of Directors. I also intend to learn how to better reach the IPC Student Members and show them how involvement with IPC can benefit them”.

Undoubtedly, we are all familiar with the section on a college or job application that asks about your leadership experience. Leadership is one of those key elements that reveal important qualities like responsibility, time management, dedication, and work ethic. Therefore, considering a leadership position might just allow you to stand out from the crowds while recruiters are working through applications.

Paige shared many insights about her past and current professional work experiences, the importance of serving as a leader amongst your peers, and her career goals.



Charlene: “Why did you choose your major?”

Paige: “During my first internship, I worked with an SMT line and electronic assemblies and found it very interesting. That initial hands-on experience led me to the Electronics Industry.”

Charlene: “Please share more information about your professional work experience and what your responsibilities are/were?”

Paige: “I had an internship with Avon Protection Systems in Cadillac, MI, a manufacturer of personal respiratory protective equipment, where my responsibilities were writing assembly and test procedures for a 10 Gang rechargeable battery pack charging station used by DoD users. Another of my responsibilities included the development of a Bed-of-Nails test module used to validate and program inhouse built PCBA’s. My current internship is with Calumet Electronics in Calumet, MI where my responsibilities include, among other things, performing routine quality control measurements of, and adjustments to the plating bath used at Michigan Tech for a first of its kind PCB manufacturing lab.”

Charlene: “What are your plans to grow professionally during the summer and beyond?”

Paige: “For this coming summer, I hope to continue my internship at Calumet Electronics, where I can develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer. I hope to use my empirical knowledge and my newfound academic knowledge to secure a career at a leading PCB manufacturer after graduation.”

Charlene: “What have you learned from professional work experiences – Share your tips with likeminded students?”

Paige: “I have learned the value of internships in Industry whilst pursuing an academic education. The hands-on experience makes course work seem more relevant because I can see it being applied and, it helps to determine areas of interest for elective classes. I also learned the importance of good communications both written and verbal.”

Charlene: “How did you prepare for your interviews to land these positions?”

Paige: “I started my preparations with internet research of the companies, including products that I may be interested in working on. Then, I met with professionals in the field and toured the facility.”

Charlene: “What attributes of an employer are attractive to you?”

Paige: “I am most interested in working for a smaller company where, as an Electronics Engineer, I will have more autonomy and a wider breadth of responsibility so I can have a greater impact. A company where I can be more involved with the manufacturing of a PCB than the design of the PCB more attractive to me.”

Charlene: “What accomplishments are you most proud of?”

Paige: “I am most proud of being selected for IPC’s Board of Directors Student Liaison as well as being voted the first student to hold a position on the Cadillac Area Community Foundation’s Board.”

Charlene: “How important is it to serve in leadership positions while you are a student?”

Paige: “Leadership roles as a student provide another facet of education namely, learning leadership skills. I believe these skills are directly transferable to my eventual career in the private sector.”

Charlene: “What do you love about the industry in general?” 

Paige: “I love the technology involved as well as being part of the creation of products that add value to peoples’ lives. I appreciate the opportunities to grow and learn within the Electronics Industry as the Industry itself grows.”

Charlene: “How would you describe the term “Engineering”?”

Paige: “Engineering is using knowledge in math and science to design and develop solutions to both present and future problems.”

Charlene: “Do you have short term goals?”

Paige: “Yes. I hope to graduate in late 2021 and secure an Engineering position in the Electronics Sector somewhere on the West Coast.”

Charlene: “Do you have any interesting hobbies?” 

Paige: “I enjoy making Maple Syrup with my family every spring as well as playing broomball, ice skating, and snowshoeing in the winter months.”

Charlene: “Thank you, Paige – We wish you all the best with your internship and your upcoming IPC Board Meeting.”

Paige: “Thank you, Charlene. I appreciate it.”


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