Professional Highlights and Career Aspirations – Henry Crandall

scholarships Mar 28, 2022

Henry Crandall is currently a PhD student at the University of Utah in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. He chose to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering because he is fascinated by the intersection of electricity and the human body. He has held internships with several major incorporations including Micron Technologies and Sanmina Corporation.

Henry has joined the IPC Student Chapter at the University of Utah 3 years ago and has been a recurring IPC Student Member Scholarship Recipient. He shared the following when we reached out to learn more about what the scholarship means to him: “IPCEF supported me throughout my undergraduate and now graduate degrees. As a Ph.D. student, this scholarship means I can focus more on completing innovative research and less time worrying about paying for education costs. I plan on saving these funds for future tuition or research expenses. Thank you, IPCEF!”.

The IPC Education Foundation looks forward to impacting more students lives to pursue not only their academic but professional dreams as well.

Charlene Gunter du Plessis, Sr Director of the IPC Education Foundation reached out to him to learn more about his academic and career aspirations.

Charlene: “Please share information about your thesis?”

Henry: “My Ph.D. dissertation will develop the theory and instrumentation for a novel cuffless blood pressure monitor. My studies will be at the intersection of physiology, electrical engineering (electromagnetics), and fluid dynamics. I will have the good fortune of working closely with mathematicians and medical doctors alike. In four years from now, I hope to have published multiple journal articles, presented at conferences, and have the framework for a bioimpedance based blood pressure monitor.”

Charlene: “Do you have any advice you can share with your peers about the decision to take on a PhD?”

Henry: “Knowledge is power! Moreover, in engineering. Your ability to understand a real-world engineering problem will be the greatest strength to finding an innovative solution. Seek out a field that you want to become a true expert in, then go become that expert!”

Charlene: “How important is scholarship funding to you personally in terms of accomplishing your goals, academically and professionally?”

Henry: “Scholarship funding is a critical part of my education. I rely on scholarships to help me financially survive the fiscally lean years of pursuing higher education. Without generous scholarship funding, I would have to prolong my academic pursuits by balancing school with work.”

Charlene: If you have an internship lined up or have interned in the past – What valuable tips do you wish to share with likeminded students?

Henry: “Apply for internships early and often! Internships can be like a staircase: you may start with a “lowly” one, but it will help you to eventually land the one you are really interested in!”

Charlene: “What are your plans to grow professionally during the summer?”

Henry: “During the summer I plan to engage in research full-time, working towards building a framework for my future dissertation.”

Charlene: “Do you have specific employers in mind? If so, please mention them and state reasons why?”

Henry: “My top choices for employers include the major tech companies as well as several biotech startups that design wearable health monitors. I am convinced that wearables, like the apple watch, will play an increasingly important role in how we measure our personal health. I want to be a part of the cutting-edge innovation that designs the newest sensors for these devices.”

Charlene: “How would you describe the term “Engineering”?”

Henry: “Engineers are professional problem solvers. Their invaluable skillset lends to solving problems across any industry, even ones they are not familiar with.”

Charlene: “Thank you so much for you time, Henry. We wish you all the best with your future endeavors.”

Henry: “Thank you.”


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