Professional Highlights and Career Aspirations - Sandro Figueroa

scholarships Apr 12, 2022

Sandro Figueroa was born in Lima, Peru and is currently studying electrical engineering technology at Gwinnett Technical College where he also served as the IPC Student Chapter President. When asked why he chose this major he answered: “Electrical engineering technology is a very hands-on version of electrical engineering. I am becoming capable of understanding essential engineering fundamentals while being able to apply it to the world around me.” He currently works at Radwell International where he repairs industrial automation electronics. His day-to-day tasks include repairing electronics, developing test methods, and managing the workload in a timely manner. Sandro was an IPC Member Scholarship winner and an IPC Student Leader Award winner in 2021. To learn more about what these awards means to him – click here.

Charlene Gunter du Plessis connected with Sandro and asked him a few questions to learn more about his professional journey.

Charlene: “What have you learned about yourself during the scholarship application process?”

Sandro: “I learned that I have come a long way in my educational and professional journey. I came in knowing the very basic science and mathematics concepts but soon quickly learned through both advancing in my career and degree.”

Charlene: “How important is scholarship funding to you personally in terms of accomplishing your goals, academically and professionally?”

Sandro: “Due to my personal circumstances, I have to work full time in order to pay for my postsecondary education. I have definitely come to appreciate any amount of financial aid as I do not qualify for it through my college.”

Charlene: “If you have an internship lined up or have interned in the past – What valuable tips do you wish to share with likeminded students?

Sandro: “I have interned at a large company with good reputation but my particular role and section were not the most exciting. It came down to mainly cleaning hand tools and assembling electrical kits that were to be used for renting purposes. I found the tasks to be quite dull but it did pay well and they worked with my schedule. Although it was not the most exciting, it helped me learn about workplace habits and even provided online courses concerning more exciting topics, which did help me. All in all, you can make the best out of an unexpected internship opportunity.”

Charlene: “What are your plans to grow professionally during the summer?”

Sandro: “I currently work full time and will not be partaking in any professional advancement opportunities over the summer.”

Charlene: “What have you learned from professional work experiences (if any)? 

Sandro: “I have learned many lessons from having worked professionally in a few companies but one of the most important is not to stay complacent with your job if you feel like your work is undervalued or if you aspire for more.”

Charlene: “Do you have specific employers in mind? If so, please mention them and state reasons why?”

Sandro: “I have large companies in mind as they provide many benefits and opportunities that smaller companies like mine don’t offer. I have Siemens, General Electric, Ricoh Electronics, and because they are big and local companies in GA that I know offer good benefits and advancement opportunities.”

Charlene: “What accomplishments are you most proud of?”

Sandro: “I am most proud of my success of advancing my professional and educational life simultaneously. I maintain a good GPA while also accomplishing many great feats at work like getting employee of the year within a short working time with my company.”

Charlene: “What are your goals in terms of engineering today?”

Sandro: “I personally believe that studying electrical engineering technology and then studying electrical engineering will culminate my potential to engineer or create something. The deep hands-on from one and deep theory from the other will make it possible for me to understand and provide solutions for certain problems or advances in technology. I really love the electrical side of engineering like electrical, electronics, and mechatronics so I am not sure exactly which field to pursue in the future yet.”

Charlene: ‘Why do you love about the industry in general?”

Sandro: “I love the ability to create useful and specific applicable solutions to some everyday personal problems. You can accomplish much with just about any field of engineering, but I find electrical engineering more applicable and useful than most other engineering branches.”

Charlene: “How would you describe the term “Engineering”?”

Sandro: “Engineering is the application of multidisciplinary studies to create solutions to problems and advance in technology.”

Charlene: “Thank you for your time, Sandro – We wish you all the best with your future endeavors.”

Sandro: “Thank you, Charlene.”


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