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resource Oct 19, 2020

Webinars are great communication tools. You get the immediacy of a real-time live event and the opportunity for conversation and collaboration. Your audience can ask questions and receive immediate feedback. The webinar can also be recorded for distribution to those who missed the live event and placed in a content library for future use.

Thus, it is always important to consider the purpose of your webinar. Purposes range from simply sharing information about a certain topic or gathering data or feedback through Q&A sessions and polling. The important thing is you will be able to track interest through registrations and active participation on the day.

The IPC Education Foundation webinar series began in May of 2020. Our goal is to spread awareness with students and educators about IPC, the electronics manufacturing industry, and various topics important to our industry and to the world. Our plan is to host a webinar with an industry member or panel on a monthly basis.

Upcoming Webinars:

PCB Design by Chris Jennings, Manager: Global Training at Altium, Inc. - This webinar on November 11th will introduce you to the various concepts of PCB layout using Altium Designer including: placement strategy, routing strategies, power distribution, and general approaches for layout verification. Click here to register.

Schematic Capture by Chris Jennings, Manager: Global Training at Altium, Inc. - This webinar on November 18th will cover basic schematic concepts including capturing the design, layout of the schematic for data/control flows, use of graphics for creating more readable schematics, and in Altium Designer adding design intent rules for the PCB layout effort. Click here to register.

Intern to CEO: What your career might look like in the electronics manufacturing industry presented by Calumet Electronics Corporation representatives: Paige Fiet, Process Engineering Intern; Kyle Hillstead, Process Engineer; Audra Thurston, Process Engineer; Meredith LaBeau, Director of Process Engineering; Todd Brassard, VP/COO; Steve Vairo, CEO on December 2nd.  Your role as an engineer in the electronics industry sector will change with each promotion made. Responsibilities for an entry-level engineer look different than responsibilities held by a vice president or senior manager. This webinar will discuss the responsibilities of varying positions at an electronics manufacturer as well as what your career may look like in the electronics industry. Click here to register.

An Overview of the Past Webinars

If you haven’t attended one of our webinars, check out the topics and recordings of past webinars we’ve hosted so far this year on the IPC Education Foundation YouTube Channel - click here. These webinars include the following:

  • IPC Student Member Scholarship Program presented by Charlene Gunter du Plessis, Sr Director of the IPC Education Foundation with past scholarship winners as panelists: Mohamed el Amine (Wally) Belhadi, Anna Brown, Raviteja Boyana, Fernando Galvez.
  • IPC Emerging Engineers Program presented by Teresa Rowe, Sr Director, Assembly & Standards Technology at IPC with panelists: Tayler Swanson, Engineer at Digital Instruments, and Arvind Karthikeyan, PhD Researcher at Auburn University.
  • Fundamentals of Conscientious Engineering presented by Kelly Scanlon, Director of EHS Policy and Research at IPC.
  • Electronics Industry Overview and Discussion presented by Dr. John Mitchell – President and CEO at IPC hosted by The University of Utah IPC Student Chapter.
  • Navigating IPC Standards presented by John Perry, Director, Printed Board Standards & Technology at IPC.
  • How to Land Your Dream Role Using LinkedIn presented by Sonia Begum, LinkedIn Branding Coach.
  • The Value of IPC Certifications presented by Joe Williams, Director of Certification at IPC

Special Request

During these unprecedented times, we believe that through these webinars, we can overcome geographical barriers and enable communication between our industry and students interested in learning more about electronics, as well as what options they have to build their knowledge or explore careers. This is a wonderful tool to encourage engagement after the webinar and may even generate new leads, opportunities to find talent, and promote services or products virtually.

Long story short, webinar possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure: webinars work. If any industry member or company wishes to participate in the IPC Education Foundation webinar series, please reach out to Charlene at [email protected] for more information. We value your support and look forward to hearing from you.




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