Interview with Raviteja Boyana – IPC Student Member and Scholarship Winner

scholarships Apr 23, 2020

As a graduate student, an internship should be a major goal. IPC Student Chapter member Raviteja Boyana will add this accomplishment to his resume this summer after his internship at IPC member company Qorvo.

Raviteja is currently pursuing his master’s degree from University of Maryland, College Park with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Electronics Packaging. He was born in Allahabad, India. He serves as the Secretary – Communications on the IPC Student Chapter Leadership committee. In 2019 he received an IPC Student Member Scholarship of $1,000 and stated “Thanks to you, I am a step closer to reaching my career goals.” The Foundation is excited to be part of Raviteja’s academic journey and he’s doing a great job starting his career at Qorvo. 

Charlene connected with Raviteja and asked him a few questions about his academic pursuits, advice regarding his professional journey and his career aspirations within the electronics manufacturing industry.



Charlene:Why did you choose your major?”

Raviteja: “Being a vast domain, mechanical engineering gave me the flexibility to explore several options from aerospace to electronics industry. It helped me gain knowledge in different fields and this I believe is something that fascinated me.”

Charlene: “What valuable tips do you wish to share with likeminded students?”

Raviteja: “Networking on LinkedIn is something that helped me a lot while I was on the look for internships. Do not shy away from approaching someone. Be specific. Research about the listings in the company’s job listing portal beforehand.”

 Charlene: “What are your plans to grow professionally during the summer?”

Raviteja: “I have recently accepted an offer from Qorvo. I will be interning at their Greensboro, NC facility with the Electronics Packaging team during the summer 2020. I am looking forward to gaining industrial exposure this summer.”

Charlene: “What have you learned from professional work experiences?”

Raviteja: “I believe every experience helps us prepare for the challenges that are yet to come. One thing that I learnt from my past experiences is never to be scared to try something new. Grab every opportunity on the way and most importantly give it your best.“

Charlene: “How did you prepare for your interview (internship/job)?”

Raviteja: “Firstly, I checked the requirements for this role. I started to revise the fundamentals from my coursework that I thought would be relevant to this role. I had done some projects in this domain as part of the coursework. I went through the reports of these projects. Secondly, I went through my resume and came up with a few potential questions and practiced it. Also, before the day of the interview, I made sure to check the profiles of my interviewers. This helped me understand their areas of expertise. Most importantly, I tried to build a good conversation with my interviewer, and now I am fortunate enough to be selected to work directly under him.”

Charlene: “What attributes of an employer are attractive to you?”

Raviteja: “I would carefully review the responsibilities of the job role that has been posted by the employer. If this is relevant to my area of interest, I would talk to a few connections in a similar role in that company and ask for their opinion about the work culture, environment, and work-life balance in the organization.”

Charlene: “What accomplishments are you most proud of?”

Raviteja: “I am proud of every small accomplishment in my life so far. But the best thing that happened to me was to get an admit to the University of Maryland, College Park. Ever since I was a part of this university, I had received several accolades for the effort that I had put into at each stage. This includes being selected as the deserving candidate for the IPC student education scholarship program in 2019. Thank you, IPC!”

Charlene: “What are your goals in terms of engineering today?”

Raviteja: “With my experiences and knowledge that I would gain down the road, I most certainly would want to guide and motivate budding engineers. What else could be a better way to contribute to society? I am still taking one step at a time. Hopefully, a few years from now I would be able to get the opportunity.”

Charlene: “Why do you love about the industry in general?”

Raviteja: “In my opinion, it is like the classroom experience but with hands-on projects. Education provides us fundamentals concepts while the industry provides us an opportunity to put this knowledge into building something new. The best part is that we get to work on real, innovative, and interesting ideas right from the conceptual stage to implementing them.”

Charlene: “How would you describe the term “Engineering”?”

Raviteja: “Engineering can be simply regarded as a way of life. It makes our lives easier. Any complicated situations can be dealt by properly understanding its fundamental principle.”

Charlene: “Do you have short term goals? If yes – please share them briefly.”

Raviteja: “This December, I would be finishing my master’s degree from UMD. I always had this dream to travel throughout the country before I graduate. I am really hoping to be able to visit some beautiful places besides being employed as a full-time packaging engineer in one of the best leading organizations of the electronics industry.”

Charlene: “Thank you so much for your time, Raviteja. It was very insightful.”

Raviteja: “Thank you for providing this opportunity! I hope everyone is staying safe amidst all the chaos.” 


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